A showcase of art from the saddleworth group of artists


The Saddleworth Group of Artists was founded in 1950 by the watercolour painter, Ellis Shaw, and some friends who wanted to promote the study of fine arts and hold meetings and exhibitions. They rented the top floor of a house in Spring Street, Uppermill, where, besides organising exhibitions and life classes, they held workshops funded by the Carnegie Trust. The Oldham artist, James Fitton R.A. and L.S. Lowry, who took a keen interest in the group and came to all the exhibitions, were among the many well known tutors.

In 1979 the lease ran out at the Spring Street studio, but Roger Tanner had spearheaded extensions to Saddleworth Museum a couple of years previously and the new art gallery provided exhibition space for the group. The large summer show continues to be held here annually, at Saddleworth Museum..

Each Year there is an international art event known as the Journees de Peinture. Twenty artists from France, Switzerland, Belgium and America painted each day in and around Saddleworth villages, and exhibited their work at the Museum Art Gallery, Uppermill. We also go to the named countries to paint also.

There are currently a great selection of members in Saddleworth Group of Artists, some full time professionals, and all seriously committed to their work.




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