A showcase of art from the saddleworth group of artists

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  • Above Ogden
  • £125
I dabbled with watercolour for many years, without much headway, through frustration I decided to take this challenge further, and have since enjoyed much time and dedication gaining skills and inspiration from books, dvd’s, other artist plus any other options available. Watercolour is challenging, beguiling, satisfying, and at times, truly frustrating. I don’t think it possible to master every aspect of this magical medium for it has too many variables.
My subject matter varies though I always strive to keep my paintings interesting and atmospheric. I have always been drawn to the outdoor life and the fabulous natural history it has to offer, consequently my obvious choice of painting is landscape, though not exclusively! I also like the challenge of painting the odd and quirky things in life that amuse and inspire me.

I hope you enjoy my work,  



Alan Willows – Above Ogden