A showcase of art from the saddleworth group of artists

  • B.Ed(Hons) Dip.E
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  • Snow Arriving Beyond Lark Hill
  • £175

Born in 1957 at Hitchen, Hertfordshire. Since moving to Saddleworth some 18 years ago I have once again begun to paint with a purpose. Although I have always painted, it has always been the ‘place’ that has inspired me to produce the work of which I am most satisfied. I found this ‘place’ in Derbyshire and I have found it again in the landscapes and skies of the hills above Oldham.

I am primarily concerned with how we can express what we see, through art. In my art I try to interpret what I see, and so thus convey come sense of the meaning I have gained.

1983 – 83 Derbyshire College of higher education

1995: Joins Saddleworth Group of Artists

1998 – 2002 : President of Saddleworth Group of Artists Selected Exhibitions

1987: Degree show

1995 –Present: regular exhibitor with Saddleworth Group of artists

1996: The ‘Laing’ Open

2002 & 2006: Journey De Peintures, International Arts Week, Saddleworth