A showcase of art from the saddleworth group of artists

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  • Marsden
  • OIL
  • £150

Capturing a true representation of the subject while emphasising mood and feeling using colour, tone and line as the means of _expression should be, I believe, the aim of the artist, This is an aim that I have tried to develop over twenty years by subjection to criticism and the more formal kinds of training.

Subjects may be figurative, portrait, landscape or townscape, rendered as faithfully as skill allows. For many years the preferred medium has been oil paint but recently I have had some success using acrylic in rendering action subjects with a marked immediacy.

I am proud to have been accepted as a member of the Saddleworth Group of Artists and I exhibit regularly at the group’s exhibitions. In 2005 I travelled with some m

I have had a painting accepted for exhibition by the prestigious Manchester Academy of Fine Arts and paintings accepted by the Business Design Centre and the Mall Galleries in London.