A showcase of art from the saddleworth group of artists

  • Christine Sheard
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Price
  • OIL
  • £200

Qualified to teach art 1956-58. 1960’s attended evening classes at Leeds School of Art.

Obtained a Degree in History of Art and Architecture at Victoria University, Manchester. Through this I developed a love of Medieval and Early Renaissance art. Perhaps this shows in my use of colour.I work mostly from drawings and memory, but have recently produced some painting ‘in situ’, namely the watercolour of Fein Cottage and An Teallach, Wester Ross. 20” x 16”. This work was greatly assisted by the high wind prevalent at the time.

The second work on the site is a large study of Sutherland cliffs in spring, worked in oil on canvas, 36” x 26”. Studio work done from drawing. I paint for pleasure and use most media. 13 paintings are in private hands, including two non-representational pieces and I am currently working on 2 commissions.

As an ex-alpinist, many of my paintings reflect my love of mountains, cliffs and the flora of wild places. More recently my pictures are of gentler climes.

Bright Thrift Day Achnahaird – Christine Sheard