A showcase of art from the saddleworth group of artists

  • Doris Rainford
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Price
  • OIL
  • £150

As a member of the Saddleworth Group of Artists since 1994, I have exhibited at the various exhibitions the Group have held annually and at other local exhibitions.

I enjoyed art at school and over the years I have attended various art courses in order to progress my work further. I have experimented with various mediums but always return to my first love – oils. The beauty of oil is its flexibility, unlike some other mediums so to me the first brush of oil on a blank canvas is very exciting as you never know where it leads.

I am also an enthusiastic photographer and sometimes use photographs for my work. I love to paint atmospheric landscapes and to me there is nowhere more beautiful than the lovely Saddleworth landscape. I draw inspiration for some of my seascapes from the rugged Welsh coastline.

The choice of a painting is very personal to each individual and I believe that when you look at a painting it has to move you in some way. The work speaks for itself and no explanation is necessary.

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