Contact Us

Current officers of the group are:-

President: Janis Bowie MAFA
Secretary: Helen Campbell
Treasurer: Pamela Hughes
Archivist: Sheila Dewsbury MAFA

 New Members

Artists wishing to apply for membership please send your contact details plus a brief outline of your art experience and some photographs of your work to our Secretary, see below.

Selection of new members takes place at the October A.G.M. where applicants are required to submit 6 framed pieces of work. A selection group of 7 members look carefully at the submissions and take a vote. If unsuccessful the first time please don’t be dispirited and try again. Artists in the group will help if you wish advice.

For enquiries or commissions from an artist on our website, please contact either:

Helen Campbell, Secretary:

Janis Bowie, President:

Carding Engine by Janis Bowie