About the Artist

Helen Campbell

I have many qualifications and letters after my name but never had the opportunity in life to study art full time. However, I find all art interesting and I am excited by the many different forms it can take. I work in many different areas and find the buzz and excitement in each one – e.g., figures and landscapes in oil; landscapes and illustrations in watercolour; animals and birds in oil; dry point etching; lino cuts; solar etching; collagraphs; wood printing and stone sculptures. I am aiming always to find that unique way to show how I view the world through each piece of work I produce.

I also belong to a group called Les Journees des Peintures and have been most fortunate to exhibit and sell work with them in the USA, Meissen in Germany, Switzerland and France.

I have also taken part in a worldwide 20/20 print swap and exhibited with the West Yorkshire Print Workshop.

Email: criblane@googlemail.com
Website: www.thegalleryinthegarden.com