About the Artist

Jane Braithwaite


I was born and brought up in the village of Delph, Saddleworth and am still living here, with my husband and son.

After many years of competing horses in eventing and dressage, running a riding and country clothing shop for 15 years and teaching Primary school children for some 23 years, I recently decided to concentrate on my painting. I had retained the dream of returning to ‘Art’ since completing the Foundation course at Manchester College of Art, but was not in a position to do so until recently.

I love the challenge of creating a picture from what I can see, an interpretation with strong elements of realism but not a slavish copy. I enjoy using charcoal and oils to paint figures and portraits, animal studies, still life groups and mountainscapes. I am quite bold in my approach and my use of line and colour, but am still evolving as an artist and do not feel I have found my particular way of working yet – perhaps that’s the whole point!

I have received help and support from local artist John McCombs and am pleased and honoured to be a member of the Saddleworth Group of artists.