About the Artist

John Pellowe

Since retiring from the ongoing activities of running my own business, a little more time can be devoted to painting.

Whilst always enjoying sketching, painting classes at John McCombs of Delph I have attended over the years, improvement has been achieved. John has turned some very serious artists out over the years in Saddleworth.

Local scenes, news photographs, my own photography etc. I enjoy mostly painting marine paintings. Originally the family came from Falmouth: I adore sea swimming throughout the year.

My other love is Dartmouth. Recently, along with another painter in the group we sailed a Hunter 24.5 yacht down the south coast reaching the top of the major rivers, the Dart Tamer, Carrick roads Falmouth, and to Greek at the top head of the Helford painting and sketching daily. Hopefully an exhibition on the trip soon.

Favourite artists are Trevor Chamberlain and David Curtis.

Oils are my favourite media, but recently experimenting with mixed media.