About the Artist

Rachel Fish

I am Rachel Fish. I have always been interested in art. To create something on a blank canvas, anything I like, I can paint it.

I started with my A-Level at college in 1987 with sitting a pre-foundation course. I learned about Titan in the written part of the exam, I was more interested in the practical than theory. I carried my ambition on, I went to a night class in Hyde to learn oils for a few years after college.

I had mastered watercolour, but felt l wanted to be bold, more flexible, I wanted to paint in oils. Carravagio has always been my favourite artist. Bold and brash and painted with feeling, he inspired me in oils. His depth made me wonder what I could produce in oils.

I entered John Mccombs Art class in 2005 to learn oils. My paintings were timid to start with, precise, like a watercolorist, I have now grown, from being in John’s class, to find my goal, to express my art as I feel it, be more bold, not be the perfectionist I once was. Art is open, Art is a word that covers many options.

I am now part of the Saddleworth Group of artists, what Ellis Shaw started, where Lowry showed an interest.

I can even have prints produced of my works now. Art is an Art.

I love the challenge of a blank canvas!